SOTD 08/10/2013

No music. No drink - I'm going out shortly ...


Hot Towels
Nuage Men's Pre-Shave Oil
Ingram's Shaving Cream
Pure Badger Brush
Merkur 500C Progress - Personna 'Lab' [1]

Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse

Witch Hazel Old Spice


Three Pass - Setting 3.0 WTG, 2.0 XTG and 1.0 ATG


First go with the new Merkur 500C Progress and a Personna 'Lab' blade.

I got a good very good shave, despite a couple of nicks on my neck, one an ingrower that I'd not spotted under my chin and the other just in a complicated bit. Whether it was the new razor or the new blade, I don't know ... I enjoyed the blade and will try it out in my Merkur 23C.

I enjoyed the adjustable and found that I got a better first pass WTG using it dialled open to 3.0. In hindsight, that might have been a little harsh for a first run, but I like to live dangerously ...

Right, time to go and play with a different blade ... I'm off fencing ...

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