SOTD 11/10/2013

Friday night ... March Violets 'Natural History' on the decks ... drinking Beck's.


Hot Towels
Nuage Men Shaving Oil
Ingram's Shaving Cream
Pure Badger Brush
Merkur 23C - SuperMax Blue Diamond [2]

Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse

Sprygg Toner
Brut Musk Aftershave


Four Pass - WTG, XTGx2 Diagonally & ATG


Second shave with the SuperMax Blue Diamond. After the first, I already knew that was a blade I liked ... this time, loved it. No nicks, no issues, just slick and smooth.

I used my home made toner, Sprygg, which is a little light, but a great pick me up after Ingram's. I think I got the menthol just right.

Aftershave? Brut Musk ... gotta hoover up all the classics, eh? Quroum next!

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