SOTD 12/10/2013


Tonight, a blue theme ...

Hot Towels
Nuage Men Pre-Shave Oil
Ingram's Shaving Cream
Pure Badger Brush
Gillette Sterling - Gillette Super Platinum [1]

Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse

Blue Stratos


Two Pass - ATG & XTG


Bloodbath! It had to happen some time ... and tonight was the night ...

Presenting, the 'Bay of Blood' right here in Halifax. Get onto Google Earth ... you can see it from satellites!

It started well ...

.. and so, Eiffel 65 - 'Blue (Ice Pop Remix)' on iTunes and a lovely glass of CĂ´tes du Rhones as lubricant.

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die ...

I had high hopes for this. The Gillette Sterling is a cheap razor made by the millions and no doubt sold by the millions. It has an all metal head (the reason I bought this over the Feather Popular) and a plastic handle with metal top giving it a head heavy feel.

I bought this as a travel razor and it came with five Gillette Platinum blades - Gillette Blacks. I've heard good things about these blades; Indian made and seemingly very popular over there, as is the razor itself.

Earlier on, I scraped my sideburns back into shape (dry) and thought it a pretty good razor. I immediately got the angle and felt the blade to be pretty good.

But, this was a BHS! Bloody Horrible Shave! Emphasis on the blood ...

What an absolute bloodbath! I went once WTG and once XTG. I did not have the heart to go ATG. I was cut, nicked and bleeding ... one or two after WTG and several after XTG.

Stop! Just stop ... this is clearly not working out. What a real shame. I had high hopes for this razor and took it really easy and really gently.

Not to be a bad carpenter and blame my tools, but something was clearly wrong here. I went gently, but the razor felt like an old rasp. Far from smooth, it was sharp ... it ripped against my stubble, loud and brash. I had to stop after the XTG. This combination really is not for me ... I could feel it tearing and winced at the weeper cuts.

I've not shredded my face with the Merkur 23C yet. I've had nicks and one weeper. This was Medieval! It felt bad, uncomfortable and downright wrong!

I refuse to call a day on this - I'll try the blade in a more familiar razor and the razor with a more familiar blade. Something will work ...

Meanwhile, thank the Lord for a block of alum. All nicks, weepers and cuts were stalled bar one that needed a piece of toilet paper and a little time to stop.

Jeez! What a disaster ...

Afterwards, I'm still suffering. Blue Stratos was a nice aftershave, but that on top of my own witch hazel and Olbas Oil tonic it was not enough; I kept returning to the tonic for relief.

I won't say "never again" because the razor might well play better with a different blade and those blades may well run finer on a different razor.

Still, the shave and the feel afterwards is nothing like the pain and misery I got off cartridge razors. If I had gone from cartridges to this, I would have seen it as an improvement!

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