SOTD 30/10/2013

Insomnia ...

I simply cannot sleep. I'm not sure why, just tossing and turning is doing neither me, nor my wife any good at all. I'll get up ... go for a walk.

Back home. I had a bad face day yesterday having fiddled with it all day and the shave was a wonderful relief. Today, my stubble seems to have grown at a record rate. I wonder if the Shaveworks 'Cool Fix' had anything to do with it?

So, while I could drink, that's not really productive, is it?

I'm going to have a shave and go back to bed ...


Hot Towels
Nuage Men PSO
Ingram's Shaving Cream
Pure Badger Brush
Merkur 23C F - Custom Fencing handle
SuperMax Blue Diamond [4] ... I just want a smooth and mild shave
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel/Olbas Oil Tonic
Cream E45/Olbas Oil (1 drop) ... Wow!


WTG x2


Just twice over, with the grain did it and so, after a menthol smack in the face, I'm yawning ... I should be, it's 2 in the 'effing morning!

I feel smooth, invigorated, yet relaxed at last. This happens to me every now and again. There's something on my mind, that's for sure ... but what it is, I really don't know.

Back to bed ... Good night, all.

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