SOTD 06/10/2013

Leonard Cohen 'Songs of ...' on the turntable and a glass of Duvel alongside.


Hot Wash
Massage with Billy Jealousy White Knight*
Nuage Men Oil
Ingram Shaving Cream
Pure Badger Brush
Merkur 23C - PolSilver Super Iridium [2]

Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel
Logical Skincare Recipe for Me Facial Moisturiser*

Samples supplied by Traditional Shaving


Modified Two Pass - WTG/XTG Face WTG/ATG Neck


Ingram Shaving Cream continued to impress me a lot! Nuage Men Shaving Oil, likewise. Love it!

Late evening shaves really are good finished off with simple Witch Hazel. Perhaps I should be looking for a really light toner. I think I'd enjoy some essential oils in Witch Hazel ... time to make my own?

Second shave with the PolSilver Super Iridium and I think it performed better. That is hard to distinguish, since this is my fourth shave with a safety razor and technique is improving ... one for the notes. Either way, the PolSilver Super Iridium delivered a close shave (certainly the closest yet) with no nicks or weepers. Perfect!

Tonight, being a blaze over a day's growth was more about pre/post-shave, enjoying a couple of sample products that I picked up from Traditional Shaving of Leeds, presently housed in the Grand Arcade.

Billy Jealousy White Knight was very nice - just a little citrus and just the right oiliness to massage in, soften the skin and prepare for a great shave.

Logical Skincare Recipe for Me Facial Moisturiser is good! It's a dry moisturiser, if that makes sense. After a hot rinse followed by a cold rinse and pat dry, massage in and enjoy the cooling sensation from the very light mintiness, thereafter the smoothness from a good moisturiser which is in now way whatsoever oily or sticky. It's like you didn't just apply a product ... but did. Impressed!


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