SOTD 06/11/2013

Readers, I'm in love …

She's got a stout little body and one crazy head! I am one for those French sounding ladies … Gillettes, but today, letting this German lady caress my face, I found myself truly in love.

She's called Slant, from the Merkur family. Nicknamed, HD.

Oh, boy! What a shave! She's not the mad cat of reputation, that is most undeserved. She is slick, slice, quick and clean. I let her go with a third run Sputnik Stainless (Teflon) and she did her thing. Do not look at her while she does … she will make your eyes swim. Let her run by feel …

Joni Mitchell 'Blue' LP on the turntable
G&T - Greenall's & Fever Tree


Nuage Men PSO
Nanny's Silly Soap Ice & Slice
Pure Badger Brush
Merkur 37C HD Slant
Sputnik Stainless (Teflon) [3]
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Alum Wash
Witch Hazel/Menthol Tonic
Blue Stratos Aftershave Lotion


WTG, XTG and very localised (and slow) polishing of peculiar areas


Wow! What a shave …

G&T and menthol was the theme, blue the colour.

Oh, I already said that! Once with the grain over two days of growth, I'm left in a similar position to a with and cross the grain shave. This slant does work - it does do that. I tend to run with twice with, then cross, then polish … I would say this got me all the way there in one pass, just polishing to go.

I'm so glad I carried on with the Sputnik - it's smooth and sharp, sharp and smooth, practically silent, still … even after three runs. Damn fine blade!

I got one weeper on my lip, polishing. It stopped and healed up while I was finishing off.

Alum wash proved no further nicks and proved a seriously smooth shave, my hand proved a close shave. Gosh! That is one great razor.

I have that kind of skin that can cope with a quick sharp shave or a multiple pass with a very smooth blade. I have a few peculiar areas that like some localised attention at the end, but I know where they are and can get to them without issue.

I can see myself buying this razor, in the HD format … soon. I love long handles, but this short handle performed so absolutely perfectly that I don't even want to try a longer handled version. I can see that two pass being such a great every other day shave and a single once over being a phenomenal daily swipe. I might even pluck up the courage for a morning shave!

The Merkur 37C HD is a game changer!

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