SOTD 04/12/2013

I'm giving my face a break and a treat at the end of the week with a Muhle R41/Feather planned.

I do get a patch on my neck/throat that looks untidy when I do this and usually just whisk it off dry but I decided to try out a new pre-shave cream and razor; a barely used Edwin Jagger gift set which I won on eBay for a very nice price.

The box contained a pre-shave cream, a Best Badger brush, a straight razor and a lovely stand.

Hot Towel
Edwin Jagger Pre-Shave Cream
NSS Ice & Slice
Edwin Jagger Best Badger
Edwin Jagger Straight
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Alum Wash
Turtle Bay Rum Aftershave

The razor is on a popular list of brands to avoid list. Nevertheless, a patch of fine hair on my hand and a patch of tough hair on my leg proved perfectly smooth with one pass, so ... on with it ...

The Edwin Jagger pre-shave cream  is very nice. Mentholated, slick and the subsequent lather went on very nicely indeed, already with a lovely glossy sheen, applied seemed to take on a real whipped cream look. I'd be interested to try again using just the NSS with a proto-lather - I think it's oily enough to work out for both pre-shave and the shave itself. I should also check out the Edwin Jagger pre-shave cream as a post-shave - just a dot massaged into a cold, wet face.

The brush is a Best Badger. My entire experience of brushes is a synthetic Wilkinson Sword, which does its thing, but it's nowhere near a badger; and, a Pure Badger, unbranded, but a "large" size. This Edwin Jagger Best Badger is a Medium - 21mm loft, 23mm handle. It felt tall compared to my Pure Badger, although they're the same height-ish. I think the narrower core gave that apparently height. It lathered well, not especially better than my Pure Badger, but certainly no worse. It's one I'll keep on with since it's pretty much unused and perhaps needs a few good lathering sessions to really find its character. So, three brushes now ... am I succumbing?

The razor did its thing in one pass, leaving the intended area smooth, without issue and so, tidied up, I rinsed and applied the alum ... just to see. Nothing overly prickly, so I think that went well. Whether the blade is competent for a whole face and whether that edge can be maintained is another question entirely. I have absolutely no comparison here, this being my first straight shave, but it slicked through the stubble so efficiently. I have used a shavette, which needed a couple of passes to get to this.

I have a new collection of Bay Rum samples and so decided to try one out: Turtle Bay Rum. Much enjoyed, with an initial blast of the Caribbean, it certainly is a scent which develops over it's albeit short life - after an hour it had a really mellow feeling and another hour, or so, it was gone ... to my nose.

So, happy with that ... I got to try a few new things and got away with it, if you like.

Fun ... like it should be.

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