SOTD 07/12/2013

It has been a week since I shaved. I absolutely love shaving and find that every other day works out well for me - I can get a seriously smooth shave which is not quite ready for a shave the following day; the day after that, perfect.

I have, however, found a combination that I absolutely adore ... but it does not like short stubble ... yet?

It's the Muhle R41/Feather Hi-Stainless combo.

I am developing technique with this one, since I want it to become my de facto shave. While I am honing my technique, it does take some growth, hence giving myself a few days growth to go at.

Oh, my goodness! I love this combo ...


Hot Towel
Edwin Jagger Pre-Shave Cream
Edwin Jagger Shaving Soap - Menthol
Edwin Jagger Best Badger (21mm Loft - Size M)
Muhle R41 - templ8 Fencing Handle
Feather Hi-Stainless [3]
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Alum Wash
Cold Rinse
Edwin Jagger Pre-Shave Cream
Olgallala Bay Rum Skin Toner
Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave

Mount Gay & Stone's Ginger Wine ... Ice & Slice (Lime)


Two pass - WTG/XTG


What a great shave! I cannot stress that enough ...

I got to play with a bunch of new stuff - I bought a mixed bunch of Edwin Jagger gear off eBay, including a (potentially dud) straight, but the brush and pre-shave cream are really nice. Shopping today, I spotted an Edwin Jagger stall in a department Store (Harvey's in Halifax, if you're interested ... have a good perv at the cosmetics girls while you're there, eh?) and picked up a tub of their mentholated shaving soap. Soap! Damn it! I like creams ... never mind, let's go with it.

The soap lathered up nicely into a good, thick lather, but it was ... well, soapy? I prefer a creamy mix which I get from ... well, creams. Duh! Still, a fun experience. I should give soaps a chance and try harder - creams seem to just build up and you're done; soaps need some effort and perseverance.

Anyway, I got a lather and hit my face with a Muhle!

Did I say I love this combination? The Muhle R41 and the Feather Hi-Stainless is a match made in heaven! Using the lightest touch, enabled by my custom handle made by templ8, a week's growth just brushes away. Smooth, silent and effortless. What a combo!

I could have left it after the single pass. I have a great face map now and don't religiously go north/south, but my "with the grain" is with the grain - I know how my stubble grows and know how to follow it now. I went with a second, cross the grain pass and was rewarded with a seriously smooth shave.

Post-shave, I rinsed: hot, cold, alum (no stinging), cold and then a dot of Edwin Jagger pre-shave cream all over my face. Lovely menthol chill!

Now, onto something special ...

A kind gent from a popular shaving forum sent me a bunch of Bay Rum samples. I've had a crafty sniff at them all, mentally sorted them out into favourites and established a plan of enjoying them. Tonight, I went with Olgallala Skin Toner after shaving, then Captain's Choice Aftershave. I love this one! My Mrs doesn't - her father was a Dentist and something in it reminds her of dental treatments. It'll be the cloves.

Anyway, as a Bay Rum virgin, I am now on my path towards a great shaving routine and know I need Bay Rum as part of that. My love of menthol skewed me a little; concerned that it might not work with Bay Rum, I wondered about West Indian Limes as the shave routine, but actually, the menthol, then the Bay Rum works lovely ... NSS Ice & Slice will work well (my favourite cream), that lime and ice working with the rum.

So, onto a drink: Mount Gay & Stone's, over ice, with lime.

... pretty much what I've just enjoyed as a shave.

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