SOTD 13/12/2013

Friday the 13th!

I was going to have a spooky goth shave this evening, Muhle R89 JET with a vintage Gillette Blue NSS Oudh shaving cream and finishing off with a splash of Witch Hazel and a couple of dabs of Eucris, all to the tune of Bauhaus ... but ... the Muhle has yet to land.

Drat! So, change of plan ...

I have a CJB Kamisori which I must try at some point. Let's keep it to cheeks and perhaps neck, and grab a Gillette Parat with a 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge blade to finish off.


Hot Towel
Olive Oil Blend PSO
NSS Rasage Traditionel
Pure Badger Brush
CJB Kamisori/Dorco Barber Blade [1]
Gillette Parat/Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge [2]
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Alum Wash
Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel/Olbas Oil Toner
Old Spice Aftershave Lotion


One WTG pass with the CJB Kamisori/Dorco Barber Blade
One WTG and one XTG with the Gillette Parat/Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge


The soap had a pleasant scent, lathered well and did its thing, but by the second pass with the Gillette it was starting to sting. Perhaps there's something in there that's not for me. Nanny's Olive Oil and Goat Milk based creams are really up my street and pretty much my "to go" creams now.

With intrepidation, I made my first cut with the CJB Kamisori. It's noisy! I tried a couple of different angles as I went down my cheek, but found I had it pretty much bang on to start with. Great! Great, but scratchy and draggy. These Dorco blades are not overly sharp and it showed in the performance. I must get some Feathers - Pro and Pro Guard, I reckon.

So, both cheeks done, my jawline done, too by skin stretching, I proceeded onto my neck. Ouch! Just nicked myself getting the angle setup. That was the only issue. Encouraged, I did the rest of my face, my chin and around my mouth, all of which I found oddly to be perfectly straight forward.

I'd chalk that up as a passable shave. Not great, good, perhaps not good enough after a couple of hours when re-growth would have shown it not to be a close shave, but good enough for a first go.

Onto the Gillette, another couple of passes and we're smooth as the proverbial.

Rinsed, the alum wash proved it to be mostly uneventful, although a little rough. Witch Hazel to calm and a spicy aftershave to finish off.

Encouraging ...

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