SOTD 16/12/2013

Well, blow me down! That was the best shave yet ...

I think I've said that only a couple of times before, but tonight I really got the best shave yet. It started badly, became phenomenal!

I've been waiting for my Mühle R89 JET to arrive for what feels like an age - actually, 10 days. I really thought it was lost in the post, but imagine my joy to have it arrive today, safe, sound and utterly flawless. If I could be in love with something other than a woman or a cat (or a car), it'd be a razor ... and this would be she.

I've been waiting so long and built up an imaginary shave in my mind for so long, that I forgot it. It had Alt Innsbruck, Eucris, black blades, all sorts ... but I just grabbed a bunch of products that I thought would really suit my mood and this first shave with a razor that I've waited so long for.


Hot Towel
Edwin Jagger PSC (Metholated)
Edwin Jagger Soap (Mentholated)
Edwin Jagger Best Badger 21mm
Mühle R89 JET
Gillette Blue (1952 X2) [1]
Sputnik Stainless PTFE [7]
Hot Rinse
Cold Rinse
Alum Wash
Cold Rinse
Edwin Jagger PSC (Metholated)
Quorum Aftershave
GFT Eucris EDT


Face Lathered
Three Pass - 2xATG 1xWTG


On one day's growth, I slipped a 1952 X2 Gillette Blue blade in. I have a NSO collection of Gillette Blue blades and thought tonight was the night ... first pass, almost no stubble removal. I know the R89 is a mild razor, but this did not shift anything. I changed the angle and got a better swipe.

Okay, it's not going well ... ditch the blade. Strapping in my now 7th run Sputnik Stainless PTFE and having established the angle, this pass shifted the day's growth. Re-lathering in the soap dish, since the first lathering was weak and all gone now, I face lathered. Oh, my goodness! So THIS is face lathering? I get it now. I get it! Face lathered, I made a cross pass to finish up.

Just a little polishing and ... Gah! I nicked my top lip. No drama! Hot rinse, cold rinse, alum wash, cold rinse and I've got a smooth, clean and defect-free face. Pat some Edwin Jagger PSC (Mentholated) all over and rub in, gorgeous face feel. Pat dry and a splash of Quorum.

How fantastic do I feel?

Now, aftershave dried, nothing but smooth as the proverbial! Time for some Eucris ...

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