SOTD 27/12/2013

Friday evening ...

Drink: Vodka & Coke
Music: Bauhaus 'Mask' LP


Hot Towel
Alt Innsbruck Pre/Post Shave
Edwin Jagger Tea Tree Shaving Cream
Pure Badger 23mm
Ever Ready 1924
ASR 009 RD Blade [2]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
Alt Innsbruck Pre/Post Shave


Two Pass - WTG/ATG


Blow me down! That is one aggressive little f*cker!!!

I've shaved with the 1912s before and the Micromatics after ... the 1924 is one aggressive razor. Huge blade reveal and the comb, much like the 1912, becomes an open comb in use. Whereas you're lulled into a light sense of mildness with the 1912s, you're fast awakened as to the potential of this razor!

Light touches!

Do that and you're rewarded. After a medium pressure scrape down each cheek, I lightened up a lot and got my feather light touch all sorted for the second pass against the grain. All done, very smooth and a seriously rewarding shave. You have to work with the razor, though - this is one where you are NOT in charge.

The Alt Innsbruck Pre/Post Shave is a fun balm. As a pre-shave, I'm not sure it added a lot but as an aftershave balm, just lovely. Less fierce than the liquid, very slick, very smooth, just gorgeous as an aftershave balm. Lovely scent, too, and the first one which I noticed our little mog giving me a serious nose over ...

...sneaky splash of Trumper's Eucris later, eh?
"The man of shadows thinks in clay
Dreamed trapped thoughts of suffocation day
He's seen in iron environments
With plastic sweat out of chiselled slits for eyes
From the growth underneath the closed mouth
You'll catch if you listen
Rack-trapped cubist vowels
From a dummy head expression
From a dummy head expression
The transformation is invested
With the mysterious and the shameful
While the thing I am becomes something else
Part character part sensation
The shadow is cast"

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