SOTD 03/01/2014


Olive Oil/EO PSO
Nanny's Silly Soaps Rasage Traditionnel
Pure Badger 23mm
GEM Contour (Pushbutton)
ASR 009 RD [3]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
Quorum Aftershave Cologne


Face Lathered
Four Pass - Twice WTG, XTG & ATG


NSS Rasage Traditionel is "a spicy and exotic scent, with rosewood essential oil being the dominant note, but also containing cedarwood, citrus oils, black pepper, bergamot and others".

It's very nice, lathers up beautifully and does not dry the skin as you proceed through your shave.

The razor is also very nice, but mild. In fact, it's very mild. Four passes with the second WTG pass and XTG pass made with a little more pressure than I like.

I'll call it a presentable shave.

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