SOTD 08/01/2014

Well, I did it!


Hot Towel
Olive Oil Blend PSC
NSS Oudh Olive Oil SC
Pure Badger 23mm
Rolls Razor Imperial No.2
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
Brut Original Aftershave


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


With a very keen blade and on three days of growth, I gave the Rolls a go ...

It likes a very steep angle, but not quite flat to the face. It's steeper than a GEM. First pass WTG was good - down my cheeks, neck, around my mouth, top lip, all good, chin, a little more problematic but I can pick it up in the next pass. Second pass XTG felt less keen and the angle became more relevant.

I got a clean shave. By no means baby smooth, but a good, clean shave.

The blade did feel significantly less keen after this first shave. It was a brand new one which I had stropped 20-30 times each side prior to use. Stropped after use, I gave it 25 each side and put it to bed.

Fun! One nick on my lip which became apparent once I'd finished, but the various rinses, alum and witch hazel struck that one off.

I think tackling three days of growth might have been ambitious for a first go with this razor, but it played out. It dulled, but then I guess I now have a [i]regular[/i] blade. I'm sure I'll use it again, but it's a lot of effort for a reasonable shave.

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