SOTD 10/01/2014

Friday night ...


Hot Towel
Nuage Men PSO
Erasmic Shaving Cream
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger 21mm
GEM 1914
PAL Blue Carbon [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
Jovan Musk Aftershave/Cologne


Bowl Lathered
Three Pass - WXA


Erasmic is nice! Old fashioned smell and lathers up a beauty!

The blade is NOS. Rougher than the teflon coated GEMs, but a mile different to the uncoated blades I have. Two weepers, entirely without provocation, which disappeared as readily as they appeared. I reckon the blade is broken in now and the next shave with it will be fantastic! 1924 next time, this being my first run with the 1914. It's light, smooth and absolutely great to use. The 1912 still pips it, though, for me ...

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