SOTD 13/01/2014


Hot Towels
Edwin Jagger Pre/Post-Shave Cream (Mentholated)
Edwin Jagger Shaving Soap (Mentholated)
Edwin Jagger Best Badger 21mm
Feather Artist Club SS
Feather Pro [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
Old Spice


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - Twice WTG


Pfff! These Feathers don't deserve their fierce reputation ...

Lathered up, I went for it. Feather Pro in my new to me Feather Artist Club SS. I've used a CJB Kamisori before, so knew the drill - alas, with Dorco blunts. Well, this Feather just slicked straight through and left smooth skin. I love it! I am so glad I dropped a Pro in first. Not fierce, just efficient. Definitely smooth.

First pass done. Lovely! I could have, and should have left it there ...

I made a second pass, again with the grain, to catch anything I'd missed and it all went swimmingly until I tried scooping the bit right under the middle of my nose. Nick! No, cut. Shhheeee! That's a bleeder! MEDIC!!! I'd shaved the area, it looked okay, so I left it and carried on. Still going well and then a slight lapse of concentration when it was all going very well and I got the angle just too tight and ditched the edge into my chin leaving a lovely couple of centimetre cut.

Alum wash proved it pretty good aside from these two issues, both of which are beginner issues and both of which I will NOT do again.

Very different to my experience with the CJB Kamisori which I think was marred by poor blades. I am keen to try it again with this Feather Pro, and both with a Feather Light ... both of which I have in now from the deal with this razor.

In all, enjoyed. It'll be flawless next time and I'll know when to stop. More practice and I'll push the envelope a little more ...

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