SOTD 01/02/2014


T&H Cleansing Scrub
Hot Towels
T&H Pre-Shave Skin Protector
Palmolive Stick
EJ Pure Badger 21mm
PAL Adjustable Injector
Personna Stainless Coated [1]
Boots Bay Rum


Face Lathered
Multiple Passes - like a Harvester after too much cider!


When I first started shaving with injectors, I tried a couple of Schicks, a PAL Injectomatic and a Personna. I just couldn't get a tune out of any of them ...

After some perseverance and something "clicking" when I tried a Schick G I found that I was really getting to enjoy a shave with an injector, the notoriously divisive Personna, too.

This PAL is much like the Personna in shape and in use, similar, in that you really don't want to simply put the top of the head against your face and draw down, a là Schick, but use the bar to tension your skin and find that minute angle to do the business.

The PAL works in quite the opposite way to the Schick Dial, which is about blade gap; the PAL more about blade reveal. So, while the Schick Dial will, upon dialling up the numbers, open up the gap between the blade and the bar vertically, the Schick goes from L to H and closes up the lateral gap between the bar and blade.
Schick: more gap = more aggressive.
PAL: more gap = less aggressive.
According to the instructions (which I found online), L and H equate to the "weight" of your beard. I was on two days growth so swung the lever around to H.

Well, after trying it this way, that way, changing the angle, changing the angle, changing the angle and changing the angle again, changing direction, washing off, starting again, huffing, trying again, I looked down into the sink and after running around my field like a Harvester drunk on too much scrumpy, I saw the merest hint of stubble in the water and a face like I'd gone at it with a blunt cartridge!

I finished off with my Merkur 23C and a SuperMax Blue Diamond blade, the most irritation-free combo I have in my collection. Soothed with a couple of helpings of Boots Bay Rum, off to bed.

Experience has taught me one thing ...

If you don't succeed at first, try again the morning after - something happens overnight, something happens to muscle adeptness and the following morning, things tend to have clicked. I learned to ride a bike this way, motorbike, too, car also.

Let's see if it works for this PAL ...

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