SOTD 02/02/2014

Sunday Evening ...


Hot Towel
Palmolive Cream
Pure Badger 23mm
Durham Dorset/Honed Blade
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse (no Alum or Witch Hazel, as is my usual routine)
Brut Aftershave Lotion


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - With and Against the grain


Wow! Enjoyed!

I'm green, dabba-dee dabba-die ... no, that's blue isn't it?

You know what?

If someone told me that the carpet cutters that Durham still sell (and incidentally reference their shaving past on the product website) were the self-same razors that they made for shaving and they came in at a price I liked, I could really go for one of these. It's that step towards single edge shaving that fills me with shivers - all that honing, stropping and beggaring about.

If someone told me these blades were available, I might well jump at one of these razors in a flash!

You know what else?

I think I know exactly why this shave was so satisfying. It's down the the blade thickness - it's like an SE blade, just two sided. DE? Schmee-eee! This razor is an SE with two sides! That the blade does not succumb to microfine movement as it glides over your face puts it side by side with any respectful SE blade. That you can slick up against the grain in a counter-movement without flipping the head around is the joy of this razor.

Yes, it's an SE ... but with two edges!

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