SOTD 15/02/2014


Hot Towel
Fox's Super Smooth Bay Rum
Pure Badger 23mm
Pilot (Merkur Clone) - templ8 Custom Ball End Handle
Treet Platinum Stainless Steel [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Old Spice Aftershave
C&S Dark Rose


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


First, the soap. Another go with Fox's Super Smooth Bay Rum and I take back comments I might have made about it perhaps lacking that punch in the face that you want from Bay Rum - it doesn't have it, but doesn't need it. That heady clove scent is just right.

I've said it before, but this soap is like a polite gentleman valet. He does everything really well, doesn't interfere, but just gives you those ever so gentle reminders that he's there. Much enjoyed!

The razor is curious - on the face of it, it looks like an impoverished Pakistani knock-off Merkur head ... which it is, but it has hidden depths. Compared side by side against a genuine Merkur head, the baseplate is ever so slightly longer while the cap is just a little slimmer.

And, that is the difference ...

This head gives a greater blade reveal and once screwed down, a much greater blade gap. Yes, making it a much more aggressive shave. With a fresh Treet dropped in and the lightest touch made just right with templ8's heavy ball end handle, I had an absolutely perfect shave and the alum wash at the end proved it. The alloy being a lowly blend gives a hollow, rasping sound as you shave, not dissimilar to 1912 razors.

Quite an experience!

Merkur (left) Pilot (right):

Lately, I have found myself doing more and more polishing. It occurred to me that I was perhaps racing through the WTG and XTG passes, relying on ATG to get the smoothness I like. Determined to perfect this, I've been concentrating on two passes with the first pass being as perfect as I can make it, which has included just a couple of areas on my face where I make a diagonal stroke.

Continuing the Karachi Barber experience, I splashed a load of Old Spice over at the end and one that died down, tried out my sample of C&S Dark Rose. Yes, I know it's intended for women, but I thought it would compliment this shave ... and it does. It's exotic, like Turkish Delight!

Great shave!

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