SOTD 21/02/2014

Fencing again tomorrow ... Yorkshire Senior Foil. I don't like smooth shaven nor bit o'stubble in my mask and sweating makes both worse. Best get a nice single pass shave in and have done ..

So I did ...


Rum & Coke

Hot Towel
Wickhmam Soap Co. Club Cola
Pure Badger 23mm
GEM 1912 New De Luxe
GEM Stainless Coated [2]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Brut Musk


Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG


Club Cola is fun. I'm now well versed in the Super Smooth soaps from Wickham Soap Co. so tonight face lathered it. Nice scent, subtle, worked with my drink and aftershave. Enjoyed.

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