SOTD 23/02/2014

Eating Ibuprofen 400mg
Drinking Rum, Ice & Lime
Playing Southern Death Cult


Hot Towel
Wickham Soap Company 1902.2
Pure Badger 23mm
PAL Injectomatic - Personna Stainless PTFE [3]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal


Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


After a fencing injury yesterday, I can barely grip anything without pain ... let alone move my right arm around ... so, left handed shave!

It went well. Once again, I face lathered the 1902 soap and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thinner tonight, perhaps down to my left-handedness this evening, but slick, smooth and protective nevertheless.

The PAL Injectomatic is my "to go" injector. The angle is so forgiving, where a DE might not be in my other hand ... nor even a 1912. The PAL Injectomatic fitted the bill for this evening's shave and I was not left wanting. Good shave, finished the blade off.

How to make everything feel better? Bathe in "the Veg". Much enjoyed.

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