SOTD 24/02/2014

Just a quick single pass ...


Hot Towel
NSS Unscented OO & Goat Milk
Pure Badger 23mm
Schick E - Personna Stainless [3]
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Brut Aftershave


Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG


Just a quick single pass to neaten up yesterday's difficult shave, difficult in that I could not grip with my right hand so everything was left-handed. Today, still painful to grip, but I can just about do it and so lathering was left-handed, the shave right-handed.

Great to be back with an NSS soap - the unscented olive oil recipe with added goat milk is just lovely. Slick, smooth and very nourishing.

Last shave with this loaner Schick E before it wings its way home tomorrow. I've enjoyed it!

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