SOTD 06/03/2014

Tonight felt right for another run with my Feather Artist Club kamisori-style "injector straight" ...


Hot Towel
Erasmic - Pure Badger 23mm
Feather AC - Feather Light [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Ogallala Bay Rum, Lime & Peppercorns
Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - Both WTG


I now have three shaves worth of experience with Feather blades and after my first rather bloody encounter with a Feather Pro, I know to really go easy, only ever shave purposefully, never get carried away, always keep your eye on the razor, both ends and the angle, and always stop ... stop if you gash yourself.

I gashed myself with the very last intended stroke - just getting the angle wrong under my ear behind my jawline. Stop! After the rinses and alum, it's gone, but I bet it shows up as a red line in a couple of hours - then, I'll give it a dab of neat patchouli and be confident that it will be gone in the morning.

Two passes - both with the grain and I now have a smooth face. I am very happy with this shave and feel to have made a lot of progress with this razor. While it took nearly 40 minutes, this is not a tool to run quickly around your face and even when I'm proficient with it, it will be a slow shave. It is not a safety razor.

The Ogallala was very welcome - really nice heat and burn from the blend and then a good splash of C&S Cuba behind the ears and a little just under my nose for [i]that[/i] fleeting smell ... some will know what I mean, others will be puzzled.

Good shave. Damn good shave!

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