SOTD 15/03/2014


Hot Towel
C&S No.88 Shaving Soap
Pure Badger 23mm
Schick J - Personna Stainless Coated [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal


Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


First go with C&S No.88 and to be honest, it's not for me. Sadly, I've pushed the puck into a glass jar which works very well, but I'll never get the puck out without destroying it. Ho-hum! It only cost £3 with the generous offer from C&S recently. It lathered well, don't get me wrong; irritable. I suppose that could be the razor and blade combination, which I am still trying to get right, but it did feel to be the soap that was annoying me ...

Onto the razor and the blade combo. I have not really got on with Schicks, but keep trying. I do get on with the E and the G that I have but I would not call it a great shave - good, not great. The J is a size I like but I do wish I could find a blade I like. The Personna that was in is on its first run - it worked, but for some reason the urge to push hard is too much and I always end up with an irritable shave.

Never mind! We have "the Veg" ...

Everything is better after the Veg. What a phenomenal aftershave. I, literally, cannot get enough of this stuff - it's as if I fell into a barrel of it as a child. One application, another, another, pulling the remainder down my chest, pat on head and tap under the arms. What a splash!

In all, okay ...

I do wish I could get on better with these Schicks. Maybe I need to find the right blade. Maybe it'll just click one day. Meanwhile, I like the E, like the G, like the M Dial wide open, getting better with this J; the Personna Injecto-matic being my yardstick - that one just works.

Anyway, bonus picture: my photography rig.

Simply, my desk cover, the lid from a similar coloured box and we're away ... rub out the line on the computer, adjust the exposure and we're done.

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