SOTD 23/03/2014

Sunday Night ... and it feels right for my batshit crazy Durham Artist Club. Let's pour a fresh Guinness, line up some Birthday Massacre on the 'tunes and get cracking.


Hot Towel
T&H Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil
Wickham Soap Company 1904 Mentholated (Prototype)
Pure Badger 23mm
Durham Artist Club - Personna [4]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Clubman Aftershave


Face Lathered
Two Pass - Both WTG


Lovely face feel after the soap - it's a gentle kiss of mint rather than an arctic face freeze, very nice to use, lathers well and face lathered, a really fine experience in preparation for my custom Kamisorified Durham Duplex frankenrazor!

It played out very well indeed! Two with the grain passes and I'm smooth again. I'm not talking baby smooth, but what you might call a damn fine shave leaving me feeling very happy.

Versus the traditional scaled Durham Duplex, I got on better with my custom design. I tend to prefer the Kamisori-style long hand rather than folded scales.

The blade was quite dull now after four shaves, the first quite rough, second smoother, third smoothest ... so, I stropped it afterwards on a leather belt. It felt sharp again, so I'll give it a run next time and see how my stropping faired.

Clubman for afters ... superb!

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