SOTD 03/04/2014


Hot Towel
Cella Shaving Cream/Soap
Pure Badger
Filarmonica Doble Temple 4/8 Full Hollow
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Witch Hazel
4711 Cologne


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - Both WTG


First, many thank indeed to Jaycey for the loan of his slim Filarmonica. Billed as 4/8, measured, it's more like 7/16, but who's counting. It gave a lovely shave, perhaps a little rough but I am reliably informed that straight off the hone the first shave can be a little aggressive.

I did slick and slide around my face quite happily, finding a good angle with ease on such a slim razor and found it excellent for all the fiddly bits around nose, mouth and chin where I've struggled before with wider straights.

Boom! Victory fist pump! In fact ... Schick! Schick! Reload! Double-barrelled victory fist pump!

Now, this Cella. Gah! What a horrible soap! Really, sorry, I just don't like it. I've read great things about it but if I had known it was almond, I would have avoided it. I really don't like the smell. It lathered easily and lathered well, but on my face it dried out. I could see dry cracks on my lips and it was practically a crust by the time I got to my neck. I had to wash off and re-lather.

Still, great shave!

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