SOTD 25/04/2014

Digging out some of my more interesting scents, I thought a lovely shave with C&S No.88 would set off perfectly and finish with a good splash of 4711, light rose complimenting throughout.

I was right ...

This was one of my best ever shaves and that came about, I am certain, because of my admiration for the razor.

What a sensational shave!

Two passes did it - with and cross. That was all. I made a final with the grain pass just to polish, but it was not in the slightest bit necessary, just nice.

In use, the Le Grelot feels like an Ever Ready Streamline. It has the heft. It also has a smoothness more akin to the 'Little Lather Catcher', the 1914, with the aggression of the Micromatic Open Comb.

What a sensational shave!

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