SOTD 27/04/2014

Another sensational shave with the Le Grelot, tonight with a GEM blade ...

I said "sensational" ... and it certainly was not without sensation! The blade gap is practically an abyss and it was with both fear and love that my heart fluttered shaving again with this razor. Using the lightest of touch, the razor rasped away at my face, wiping off a couple of day's growth. Once again, once with and once cross was quite sufficient but I made a final with the grain pass just for fun at the end.

Phew! I survivied! No cuts, no weepers and once rinsed off and alum applied, it was quite clear I had just had one excellent shave.

This combination is massively aggressive!

I made a few familiarities with GEM razors after my first shave with this, likening the weight and heft to a Streamline, that wonderful sound and glide from the 1912 and the aggression of the Micromatic OC. This combination is way beyond the Micromatic OC. This combination is almost surgical!

Splash of Clubman for afters and we're ready for dinner ...

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