SOTD 29/04/2014

Anniversary shave for the ASR 1492246 1924 Patent which I believe is something around the blade holding mechanism that came in with the Valet VB series.


Hot Towel
NuAge Men PSO
Ingram's Shaving Cream
Pure Badger
ASR Valet VB1 - Feather Hi-Stainless [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Ogallala Bay Rum - Limes & Peppercorns


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


What a wonderfully smooth shave! The VB1 gives a light shave in my hands, the Feather simply granting it a ruthless efficiency and so a light touch leaves a close shave with absolutely no irritation, evident in the alum wash.

Talk about fire and ice! Or ice and fire, whichever way around you read it ...

The NuAge sets it up, the Ingram's keeps it chilly, practically freezing with the cold rinse and then the fire from hot peppercorns. What a buzz!

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