SOTD 30/04/2014

Meet my new friend, Ern ...

Loaned to me, this C.Friedr.Ern 'Eagle & Snake' 28 shaved me clean this evening.

He's got a hell of a voice! What a singer! Every stroke ... zschingggg! Definitely the "1912" of straight edge shaving!

I'm getting dangerous with straights. I've really found my angle, an angle which I can get a good, close shave without fear of beaching the blade into my face or dulling it by dragging it down on an angle too shallow. I'm really finding my way with straights.

So, the shave ...


Hot Towel
TOBS Eton College
Pure Badger
C.Friedr.Ern 'Eagle & Snake' 28 Full Hollow
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Vintage Cussons Imperial Leather Aftershave
Vintage Cussons Imperial Leather EDT


Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & ATG


In other news, I've plucked up the courage for an against the grain pass and did okay. Two nicks, gone in the alum wash.

Vintage Imperial Leather is very nice indeed and I am so glad I shaved with the TOBS Eton College soap - a simple lemon over patchouli, complimented by an overture of classic Gent scent, citrus up top, patchouli in the middle, vanilla and woods down below. Lovely job! Curiously, I find the aftershave stronger than the EDT, which probably means the EDT is projecting very nicely to everyone else.

Dare I try it for work tomorrow?

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