SOTD 28/05/2014

Durham Duplex 1907 Anniversary Shave

Patented 28th May 1907, presenting the Durham Duplex system ...



Hot Towel
Gillette Sensitive Gel
Durham Demonstrator
Personna [7]
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum


Three Pass - WTG, WTG & ATG


"To be used with Durham Duplex blades"

I have a couple of NOS blades, both from 1911 (7th November for a US Made one and 4th July for the British Made) - I went with the British Made. Both have been honed by a pal on a Welsh slate progression and then finished with CrOx on balsa. Stropped on leather, good to go on a test area of my hand.

Well, the first pass on stubble was not as good as it might, so I swapped over to a modern Personna blade which has been well used, but stropped after each use and most recently given a little more of an edge with Elsterglanz on balsa-backed firm foam and stropped on leather.

That worked!

Re-doing the WTG pass and making one ATG pass, I got very smooth indeed! Two areas just to polish up and I'm happy with my anniversary shave for this old device - it's not one which is loved by many anymore, but it certainly is by me. I've found previously that the stubble grows through smoother, so I'm expecting a nice smooth face for a short while now.

Quick rinse, splash of Pinaud Clubman VIBR ...

Lovely job! I don't get that burn that many refer to with this aftershave. I get a real warmth, but a numb warm. No burn.

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