SOTD 01/05/2014

I had a cracking shave last night with a really vocal Ern straight.

Today, I'm sensing it was not as close as perhaps I thought last night, but not to worry - I thoroughly enjoyed the shave and so, tonight, I'm going to use a tried and tested shave to even up and give a great preparation for my Friday night shave which will be that lovely Le Grelot again with the Heljestrand Hollow Ground blade.

But, tonight ...


Hot Towel
Stirling Bergamot & Lavender Soap
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Durham Duplex Straight Handle
Personna [6]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Old Spice Splash


Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG


I am really getting good at face lathering with this synthetic now. Initially, I had splatter all over the place, the brush holding and releasing water so easily. Now, I have found the right balance between water held, pressure applied and just how to direct the water to the soap on my face.

The shave was good ...

The DD did its thing. I got a good shave, not too close, setting me up perfectly for tomorrow and a proper classy shave tomorrow night.

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