SOTD 09/05/2014

Something just a little different for you tonight ...


Hot Towel
Wickham Soap Company Super Smooth Spice Trade
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Every Ready 1912 Bathroom Set - Rhino [3]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Alt Innsbruck Cologne


Bowl Lathered
Three Pass - WTG, XTG & ATG


First, the soap. Wickham Soap Company have another fantastic scent in their line-up. Spice Trade is a spicy little number, tip of the hat, ode to, whatever ... to Old Spice. Right there with all those warm spices, this soap jumps right in there in their champion Super Smooth formula. I gather this scent is destined for their hard soap formula, and it was a pleasure to try it out in the tried, tested and now production Super Smooth formula.

It's a good 'un!

Now, you're looking at that picture and thinking ... "that's a double edge blade, that is" ... and you'd be right in thinking that.

I cannot profess to be the man behind this, but I have in the past mused about snipping off the sides and the back edge to make a double edge fit. Well, double edge blades do fit - we ust need to trim the edges and to make them fit without potentially weakening the retaining clip, just pinch them. That pinch gives the right kink for the blade to fit into a single edge razor, do its thing and leave you very happy.

In a 1912, a double edge blade does not shave as close as it does in a double edge razor.

For me, that is a good thing. I get a close shave, and with three passes, it is very smooth, but not so close that I will be expecting possible ingrowers. This was a shave that just shaved! Very close, very smooth, but still have everything that a single edge shave should - smooth, comfortable and absolutely without issue.


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