SOTD 16/05/2014


Hot Towel
Rolls Razor Shaving Soap (Vintage)
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Clemak Safety Razor - GEM Super Stainless [2]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


Not a great shave, but good enough. I think this razor is one which has a specific angle which I got here and there, but in the main I'm still to find. In the end, the razor itself is simply a frame for the blade. I'm left with a smooth enough face, but know I'll be in need of a "known good" shave tomorrow night.

So, while it was not especially good, it was not especially bad ... one to work with and find the right angle.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to find that the Rolls Razor vintage soap is probably my best performer. The way it blooms into lather, thick lather is just sumptuous.


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