SOTD 21/05/2014

Week of British Long Combs

I'm having a week with my British long combs ... Day 3


Hot Towel
Mystery Soap No.9
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Gillette/Grom Long Comb
Gillette Platinum [1]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Rose of Bulgaria Aftershave


Bowl Lathered
Three Pass - XTG, WTG & GTX


Another run with Mystery Soap No.9, this time lathered up with a synthetic which I do believe gave me a stunningly good lather. I still got some irritation from the soap by the third pass, something I've only really got from soaps that include shea butter. I'm guessing. Post-shave, I think the soap has contributed well to a smooth and conditioned skin.

The Grom was fun. Seemingly the same as the Nacet, it was actually quite different. Very forgiving on angle, yet it's sink its teeth in without warning. I think I just got a little blasé and a couple of weepers emerged.

All gone with the post-shave alum wash which told me I'd actually got quite a rough shave. Perhaps this Platinum will calm down with a second run.

Soothing, healing and superbly scented Rose of Bulgaria Aftershave and I'm done.

It's the mighty 7 O'Clock tomorrow ...

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