SOTD 05/06/2014

Drinking ... pink gin.


Bulldog Face Wash
NSS English Rose (Original)
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Gillette 7 O'Clock PII
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Rose of Bulgaria Aftershave


Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG


What a cracking shave!

This is not my first disposable shave since coming to traditional shaving since I've used a couple of Bic Sensitives, a Bic Metal and my Gillette Guard quite a bit, but this is my first twin blade shave since coming to traditional shaving.

The Gillette 7 O'Clock PII is a re-release of the Trac-II for the Indian market. It is a fixed head razor which slides into disposable cartridge heads. To my mind, the difference between this and an injector is minimal. Contentious, I know ... but that's how I see it.

With the grain, it efficiently whisked away the day, cross the grain polished up just nicely. Not too close, but a damn fine shave. I'm sure with a pass against the grain, I'd get to baby smooth, but I don't really like to shave that close. The angle was immediately accessible, something which can be difficult with some injectors and the fixed head allowed me to control that angle, something that I don't like about later disposables with floating heads; Gillette Guard excepted since for some reason I get on with that very well indeed.

In summary, smooth, but not quite as smooth running as the Gillette Guard. I had a couple of clicks where I thought I'd see a nick, but no raspberry jam was forthcoming. The alum wash proved an uneventful shave. Certainly smoother than the Bic Metal and closer than a Bic Sensitive. I enjoyed this and will certainly use it again. I might even buy a pack of cartridges, although the Gillette Guard ticks ALL the boxes for me for a disposable.

I very much enjoyed the soap, too, a floral scent rather than the sweet, near sickly Turkish Delight of the aftershave. Still, I do love that aftershave.


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