SOTD 07/06/2014

After such a great shave last night using a Gillette Twinjector blade and handle, I thought I'd revisit a couple of injectors which I absolutely love the shave of ...


Bulldog Face Wash
Billy Jealousy Hydroglide
Personna Injector - Chinese Schick [1]
PAL Adjustable Injector - Gillette Platinum Plus [2]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash (Twice)
Alt Innsbruck


Two Pass - WTG (PAL Adjustable on H), XTG (Personna) & ATG (PAL Adjustable on L)


I now know two things: First, that the Chinese Schick blades, or "Chicks", do not suit me at all. Rough! Second, I have most definitely found the angle with these two.

Using the adjustable for the first pass H, it was smooth and efficient. Switching to the Personna for the cross the grain pass, it was rough all the way ... loads of weepers and almost as bad as my first DE shave. By now I was largely BBS. Switching back to the adjustable dialled down to L, that final pass was smooth and fully delivered BBS.

Rinsed off, I had to go with two applications of alum, the second continuous until the blood stopped!

Cooling cologne was very welcome ...

Encouraging, nevertheless. I love the shape of these razors, so it is good to confirm the blades that I do not get on with and that I can use both to good effect. It was a learning curve, but a hard lesson in the middle.

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