SOTD 13/06/2014


Bulldog Face Scrub
Tabac Shaving Soap
Wilkinson Sword W19 - GEM Blue Star [3]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Tabac Aftershave Lotion
Tabac Eau De Cologne


Face Lathered
Three Pass - WTG, XTG & ATG


Tabac Friday!

I've enjoyed the EDT through the day, so it seemed right to carry on this evening ...

First go with my Wilkinson Sword W19. Gone is the Archimedes Screw, up front is now and runner guard; gone is the adjuster screw. As luck would have it, a GEM blade with the corners cracked off slips perfectly into this razor, as it does with all previous Empires but therein lies the end of the similarities. This shave is as different to the Empire as a GEM Contour is to a 1912 or a Valet VC4 to a VC1.

It is milder, hence the three pass. It is smoother, hence the three pass. I chased baby smooth and got it.

The head is large and it is perhaps a struggle to get under the nose without a diagonal slide and a sideways swipe. My top lip feels sensationally smooth! That large head really wants to be balanced by a thicker and longer handle for my preference, but the handle we have does the trick. Clearly does the trick.

Yes, it is so substantially different to the Empire models of the '30s, but then this is from the '50s and razors moved on ... a lot! Enjoyed!

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