SOTD 08/08/2014

Drinking .... Dark & Spicy - Spiced Rum, Ice, Lime, Tabasco and Extra Fiery Old Jamaican Ginger Beer

Listening to ... Ministry Adios Puta Madres

Bulldog Face Wash
La Toja Stick
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Durham 300 - Bone Handled
Personna (Blue) [2]
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Selin Limon Kolonyasi

Face Lathered
Three Pass - WTG, XTG & ATG

My freshly acquired Durham Duplex 300 shaved just how I thought it would. Successive removal of two days' growth and a stunning back stroke up my neck, I'm clean, smooth and very happy.

Boy! That Lemon Cologne is a lot of fun! It's so hot at the moment and sweaty skin turns mushy and gets ingrowers unless I keep cool and dry. This Cologne does that for me. Love it!

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