SOTD 25/11/2014

GFT Eucris Shaving Soap
Kent Infinity Silvertex
CV Heljestrand MK.24 3/8 Half Hollow
Muhle R41 & Gillette Silver Govt. L3/1966 [4]
Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pinaud Clubman Musk Aftershave Cologne
GFT Eucris Eau De Toilette

Cold Water
Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG (CV Heljestrand MK.24 3/8)
One Pass - XTG (Muhle R41)

First cold water shave, close but a little irritable the Muhle picking up the strays and polishing after the straight edge shave. An experience.

Regarding Eucris soap, I have read again and again how folks consider it a fairly poor soap that doesn't lather up well and does not provide good cushion. Advice seems to be to make an extended lather, but I think I have two further points to make: first, use cold water to load; second, lather, then let the brush sit for a few minutes before re-lathering.

With an almost dry brush, flicked out once but not excessively and cold water loading seemed to keep any unwanted foaming down. Face lathered onto a cold washed face gave a much better lather than I've seen with this soap when using warm water but it still fell away quite soon. Having left the brush to stand, I re-lathered adding just a touch of water as I went. Now I was getting a decent cover.

Coverage was not voluminous, but it was thick and over-painted adequately, not falling away until a good few minutes; certainly sufficient time to gain a pass with safety razor but I did have to re-lather mid-pass using the straight.

Why persist? Well GFT Eucris is such a great scent, having it in a soap makes the juice worth the squeeze.

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