SOTD 07/01/2015

Bulldog Face Wash & Scrub
Wickham's Super Smooth English Lavender & Omega 10098 Professional Boar
GEM Junior Bar (1910) & GEM Super Stainless (2)
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Brut Original Aftershave
Jaguar For Men EDT

Bowl Lathered
Three Pass - WTG, XTG & ATG

New brush, new razor and a full three pass shave. Super smooth and very refreshed.

The GEM Junior Bar is the one! The One!

1910, GEM Cutlery Co. should have closed up their design department and left it at that ... granted, we would not have seen the Damaskeene or the 1912 or the Micromatic or the super-fly Contour, but they would not have been missed. This. That's all ...

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