SOTD 08/02/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Erasmic Shaving Soap
Ever Ready 581 PurTech
Durham Duplex & Personna Pathology (5)
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel Toner
Jean Sorelle Aftershave & Cologne

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & XTG

Whoo-ee! What a shave! Lots to write about here ...

First, did I ever say how much I loved the Durham Duplex system? I might well make Sundays my 'Durham Duplex Day' I enjoy the shave so much. On its 5th run, this Personna Pathology blade is now smooth and still very sharp; the first couple of runs pulled some nicks, which is very unusual for the Durham Duplex system, third, better, fourth, good, fifth, now very good. Stropping is the key here, I think, just to take the harshness off the first shaves (something I didn't do) and continuing throughout the life of the blade to prolong its use.

Second, for the last week and a half, maybe more, I've switched from alum post-shave to witch hazel and I am finding that the condition of my skin is so much better. I have quite oily skin for which I like to rely upon more alcohol aftershaves, certainly keeping away from balms; witch hazel really does seem to work out very well for me.

Third, my little Ever Ready brush is giving me such a lot of pleasure. I am so pleased with how my re-knot worked out (finally) and it really does make a great little face latherer as well as a super little bowl whipper-upper! PurTech is pretty damn soft, not quite to the present softness of Muhle, certainly not Plisson, but it's certainly soft and retains such a good strength for face lathering.

Finally, those frags. They came to me unexpectedly as part of a set of Rolls Razor bits: the aftershave is a fierce once, like Pinaud Lilac Vegetal in many ways, certainly the face numb, certainly floral, but it's not lilac it's quite green and fresh, the cologne a kind of woody spicy number, not the sweet, more fennel and anise than coriander and nutmeg, almost absinthe. As a combo, absolutely cracking! A real blast from the past and quite an experience. In the dry down, I'm left with wafts of green, fern and moss.

Smashing! What a shave!

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