SOTD 15/02/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Bay Soap Co Bay Rum & Lime Shaving Soap
Vie Long 13065 Amphora Horse
Vincent & Cloud (Ridged) [3]
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel Toner
Shibden Spice

Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & WTG (Slide)

First go with the Bay Soap Company soap, clearly a glycerine based soap which needs little by way of, well, anything to get a lather up. On the face, it was thinner than I am used to but didn't disappear, gave a good glide and post-shave face feel was not taut.

The scent was good, light and giving a pleasing tingle from the bay, heightened by my homebrew Shiden Spice, an orange and spice Bay Rum.

I'm getting the hang of the horse hair brush now; first few uses leaving me with a tangled mess that needed combing out with a metal pet brush, but as a large bowl swirler, it's a champion!

My techinque with the soap was to start with a dry brush, a teaspoon of water onto the top of the soap and then literally a dozen swirls to pick up all the water and soap into the brush which, when lathered in a warmed bowl with a further teaspoon of water, produced a sound lather and no tangles.

I love the shape of the brush and the smell, which is still a bit horsey, is all part of the experience. I live in horse country ...

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