SOTD 26/05/2015

Shower w/Bulldog Shower Gel
Meißner Tremonia Dark Limes (Soft)
Ever Ready 300BN PurTech
Martin & Co. 6/8 Wedge
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel Toner
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Aftershave

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & WTG (Slide)

More fun with Meißner Tremonia soaps and tonight it's Dark Limes as the soft version, or "paste" as these guys put it.

Loading is simple requiring just a wet brush and a few swirls to pick up ample. Lathering is explosive and more so than the hard soap  version I think, although that might be the shorter loft on the brush. Either way, warm, wetted face and apply the loaded brush: Boom! Lather explosion!

In shave performance is phenomenal and something I mused early on was that I thought I would really enjoy these soaps with straight edge razors, and I do. Tonight, a vintage Sheffield wedge and the cushion, slip and glide on this soap is just perfect. Really perfect! Two lovely passes.

Wash off and post-shave feel, even with a strongly alcoholic and face tautening splash like Pinaud Lilac Vegetal, post-shave face feel is soft, fed and balanced, the natural oils in the soap really playing so very well with natural facial oil replenishment.

... and then we have the scent.

Dark Limes is mysterious. I mused in my first review of the hard soap sibling, that I did not know how some puts mystery into a soap but Meißner Tremonia have. It is sour. It should be - it's lime. It is bitter. It is bittersweet, and I think that is the addition of bitter orange oil, which counterpoints and juxtaposes the sharp slice of lime as the two spin into a vortex of dancing scent. It's spritz and flavour, like the spray of the fruit skin as it is cut through as well as the spray of the fruit therein.

Absolutely lovely! Seriously up there in terms of performance and quite unique in terms of scent.

Truly wonderful!

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