SOTD 28/05/2015

Durham Duplex Patent Anniversary ...

Bulldog Face Wash
Meißner Tremonia Himalayan Heights (Hard)
Ever Ready 100T Muhle Silvertip Fibre
Durham Duplex & Personna (1)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel Toner
Puig Quorum Aftershave & EDT

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & ATG

Another Meißner Tremonia flavour ...

If you've missed my last few posts, let me just bring you up to speed with Meißner Tremonia - THE artisan soap maker from Dortmund, Germany. The soap has a phenomenal performance and unparalleled post-shave feel, the lather is easily loaded to brush and explodes with firm, dense lather which does not go overly foamy with the addition of too much water. In a word, superb.

What folks want to know about is the scent ...

Well, Himalayan Heights is pretty straight-up. It's cedar and salt. Himalayan, to be precise; both of them: the cedar and the salt. Cedrus Deodara from the foothills of the Himalayas: Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. Salt, too, and a lovely light blue colour quite reminiscent of the glacial meltwater from above the treeline.

Scent is pure green, woody cedar. Perfect pals with Puig Quorum, in fact better with Puig Quorum Silver, a fragrance which is rather lost against its stronger and better known sibling, but one which is less brash, less in your face, quite intriguing a scent to follow which Himalayan Heights own green, spritzy cedar accompanies just perfectly.

I've been wearing Puig Quorum today, shaved, used the aftershave and then, just before typing this up refreshed with a spritz of Puig Quorum Silver. Perfect partners, both Puig Quorum and Puig Quorum Silver.

Very much enjoyed as a sample, a puck I think I'll buy.

The saltiness? Well, yes, there is something of it in there, but I think it's in there more as a skin treatment than anything else. Having shaved, I didn't detect it in the scent and don't feel it post-shave on my skin.

So, three cheer for Durham Duplex!

108 years since the patent was granted to this brave step into the twentieth century for shaving, placing a firm double edged blade into a slide lock razor head to be used just like a straight edge razor, as folks of the day were used to.

Shaving with the grain for a first pass, using the Durham-slide, against the grain for the second, again, with the Durham-slide, smoother than James Bond! Great shave, and I know from experience that the regrowth will be lovely and soft.

Perhaps I'll partake again tomorrow ...

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