SOTD 14/06/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Meißner Tremonia Bay & Rum (Hard Soap & Beta-Paste)
Mohawk 5-341 w/PurTech Knot
Microtome Kamisori
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Witch Hazel & Selin Toner
Meißner Tremonia Bay & Rum Aftershave

Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG (Twice, one pass per soap)

The chaps at Meißner Tremonia sent me a right parcel of goodies to try out ... no instruction, no hints, no tips, very little to go on other than try them and see how you like them.

I have a number of soaps to try out, five new scents as both a new paste soap and a hard, transparent glycerine based soap. Bay & Rum is one exception here as the hard soap appears to be the same formula as their present hard soap, the rest of the hard soaps are dark brown and transparent: coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, argan oil, all organic, also organic wood honey, organic cane sugar, organics glycerine, myrrh and benzoin sumatra. The paste soap is a new formula: coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and argan oil, all organic, also organic acacia honey. I am very excited to see honey in these soaps.

As I mentioned, the Bay & Rum hard soap is not the same the rest of these transparent brown soaps that are to try, so guess it's as per their regular hard soaps, same formula with a new scent.

I used both the hard soap and the new formula paste. I found the hard soap the same as their regular hard soaps in terms of loading and lathering. The scent is not strong, but all too often Bay Rum can be overdone. I am going to guess by the title "Bay & Rum" and by the inclusion of Jamaican Rum in the paste, that this is bay ... and rum. The bay is there, you can smell it, but there is not the usual strong tingle which we associate with Bay Rum soaps. There is a little tickle, but not that lathering with nettles feeling that many overdone examples can give. The rum is there too, you can smell it, but it's not overly alcoholic or all pervading. It's a fine balance and in the hard soap, Thomas nailed this one.

The soft soap was actually slightly stronger. This beta-product is a paste-like soap, certainly more so than their present paste soap products and more akin to the likes of Wickham's or Nanny's in consistency, another couple of artisan soap makers whose products I very much enjoy. In a lot of ways, this soap feels much like Nanny's olive oil soaps.

I'm not sure I could identify the presence of honey in the paste soap. Another soap which does use honey is, say, Malt & Myrtle from The Gentleman's Groom Room in Dundee. I can smell the honey in that one, but not (yet) in these. It might be that I tune into it, might be that it's there as an ingredient to improve the formula and it's well balanced as to not interfere with the scents. I don't know, but there it is ...

I thoroughly enjoyed both versions of the Bay & Rum soap. It's one that personally, I think I'd plump for the hard soap version, but if it is released as a scent it might not be as per the existing hard soaps. I don't know. I'd like it be ... but then, I've got these new formula hard soaps to try and think it would work very well indeed as a hard, transparent, glycerine based puck.

So, shaved and on with the aftershave ...

I have good skin. It's not overly oily, certainly not dry, and in these warmer months I can get some issues if I don't keep my skin clear. Oil dissolves oil. Well made soaps which use good oils play well with me - Wickham's and Nanny's have both served me well on this front, but in these warmer months I do like something a little drying, and so I've taken to an equal mix of witch hazel and the highly alcoholic Turkish Cologne, Selin, as a toner.

... and onto the aftershave, something which soothes and something which feeds the skin.

First go with Bay & Rum from Meißner Tremonia's forthcoming line of aftershaves. The splash ramps up the Bay ... quite a way. It's not up there with pain inducing Pinaud Clubman VIBR, but it is certainly a cut above many. It's quite pure - it's Bay, certainly, Rum, too, the rest I simply don't know but the face feel afterwards was much akin to Myrsol Antesol. Well fed, ever so slightly tacky although not sticky.

As a scent across two soaps and an aftershave, I like that it is quite pure - there is no pepper, clove or lime in there, often found in some combination or other with other products. It's Bay and it's Rum. It's not Bay Rum, it's Bay ... and Rum.


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