SOTD 19/06/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Meißner Tremonia Bitter Almond & Texas Cedar (Natural Brown & White)
Kent Infinity Silvertex
Ever Ready 1912 New Improved & GEM Stainless (5)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel & Selin Toner
Tabac Aftershave & EDC

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG (Twice ... one pass per soap)

The chaps at Meißner Tremonia sent me number of flavours of a couple of their soaps in testing to try out ... no instruction, no hints, no tips, very little to go on other than try them and see how you like them.

Five new scents as both a new paste soap and a hard, transparent glycerine based soap. Bay & Rum is one exception here as the hard soap appears to be the same formula as their present hard soap, the rest of the hard soaps are dark brown and transparent, "Natural Brown": coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, argan oil, all organic, also organic wood honey, organic cane sugar, organics glycerine, myrrh and benzoin sumatra. The paste soap, "Natural White", is a new formula: coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and argan oil, all organic, also organic acacia honey. I am very excited to see honey in these soaps as a natural antiseptic and for encouraging skin regeneration.

Today, I used Bitter Almond & Texas Cedar.

Lads! This is phenomenal! I so hope this scent is released as is, because it is amazing!

I absolutely hate almond soaps. I cannot abide almond. I bought Cella once after everyone raved about it, applied it, washed it off and picked another soap, the Cella moved on immediately. As chance would have it, I actually swapped the Cella for the Kent Infinity Silvertex I used today, a brush I used almost exclusively for about a year and it's really well worn in, got its own hairstyle based on my swirl pattern, softer than a box fresh, fuller and with just a little splay; not too much as to look like a shagged out badger, but a little splay so it doesn't look quite so upright.

Anyway, the soap ...

What a scent! It's NOT the almond you know from Cella. It's not even the almond you know from Grandstaff, who uses it carefully and in a subtle way in his Holy Smokes soap. It is bitter. It is acrid, almost. It is almost like alcohol in terms of its effect upon the nose and so much better as the hard, transparent brown soap which seems to carry scent like a Will o'the Wisp up the nose. Tonight I did things a little different and used the soft, Natural White soap first, the hard, Natural Brown soap for the second pass. I absolutely love it! Both forms of soap, what a scent!

Fifth run from a GEM blade, absolutely lovely and dropped into this rather nice Ever Ready a really fly shave.

The soap is a perfect partner to Tabac. They're not the same, but Tabac is the next step in the journey. The addition of Texas Cedar in the soap is inspired. Who would have thought bitter almond and cedar go together? Well, I've said it before that Thomas is a genius, something I said about his Strong & Scottish ... and I think he's done it again here. My heart is practically racing, I am so invigorated.


Test soaps, the formula is right! The hard, Natural Brown soap is just something beyond - pick your best glycerine based soap and make it abundantly better; the soft, Natural White, that very soap that you are already used to, but better. The scents are what we're playing with here and this is absolutely right. No change. No change at all, please Thomas!

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