SOTD 17/09/2015

Monsavon Bol-a-Raser
Edwin Jagger Black Fibre in Tortoise Shell
Ever Ready 1924 (Brass) w/Swing Handle & Gem Damaskeene (4)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Jean Sorelle Aftershave & Cologne

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & ATG

Oh, this blade is really starting to mellow. With my last shave, in an Ever Ready 1914, I rather got the impression it might be dulling as the first pass was not as complete as it was with the first couple of shaves and I just could not get my chin right. Well, tonight blew that theory out of the water ...

In an Ever Ready 1924, brass no less, the first pass was again not quite as complete as previous and so I did what I should have done with the 1914: a pass against the grain. Wow! This is a close shave! Close and so smooth. Resigned that the first pass was not going to be quite as complete as I'd like it, I just went with a gentle reduction pass and then blasted the rest away with a second pass.

My usual routine is to get pretty much the shave done in one pass and use a second with the grain pass on a slide to get it just so. I'm having to re-learn how to shave with the razors because of this vintage blade and how it is playing out. I think I'm really getting the hang of it - the first run will be very efficient and quite fierce, giving a complete shave in one pass, the second, too, the third we're now into doing a pass and a second pass to pick up stragglers and by the fourth, we can go one down, one up and enjoy just how mellow the blade has become.

I was going to call it a day at 5, but after stropping (50 laps) it's back to sharp, certainly more so than I'd expect a modern GEM to be on my face coming up to its fifth shave. Next shave will be back in a Damaskeene, but the open comb, a razor I was underwhelmed with when I tried it with a modern GEM blade - it does say "Use only with Damaskeene blades" and perhaps that is the key.

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