SOTD 06/10/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Ever Ready Shaving Stick w/Ever Ready No.1 (Bristle)
Ever Ready 1912 & GEM Stainless (5)
Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Aftershave Cologne
Egyptian Majmua

Face Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & WTG (Slide)

Today was a really proud day for me ...

I picked up an Ever Ready 'Service Set' which appeared to be unused. Upon arrival, it was clearly unused. Boxed, plastic wrap, sealed blades, brand new shaving soap, unused brush and unused razor. What a score! I have had razors which I thought might be unused, but this really was an actual, bona fide brand new razor.

The brush was just a little dry with ends cracking off upon touch, something I thought disappointing and left it be for a few days. Yesterday, I pulled it from its retaining strap with a view to cutting off the knot in readiness for re-knotting, but decided to let it soak for a few minutes and give it a damn good lathering with a favourite soap just to see if it picked up, or whether it just turned into a stump of snapped bristle. I am so glad I did because there was only a small amount that cracked off and only a couple of hairs which fell out and the brush was a lovely, perfectly shave-ready, soft, vintage boar.

The soap looked good. It was dry, but I knew it would be good to use. It had a smell much like my vintage Rolls Razor soap - clean, fresh; fresher than the Rolls soap, like freshly washed cotton sheets in the breeze. I know that phrase is used a lot when it comes to clean, fresh smelling soap, but it really is apt: no soapy aroma, just clean and fresh.

Ready to shave ...

Washed, soap applied, lathering was an absolute dream. Immediate, I think it the word. Immediate, thick and shiny. Very classy lather indeed. But wait, there's something more ... more than clean and fresh, there's a gentle cooling. I'm loathed to say mentholated, because it's not, it's just a gentle cooling. That'll be the breeze in the sheets, then. Brand new razor at the ready, I started, and had a wonderful shave seeing out the blade.

Rinsed, what better than Pinaud Lilac Vegetal? Well, I did go one better ... vintage Pinaud Lilac Vegetal. Oh, what a scent! Compared to the modern splash, it is chalk and cheese; vintage is all floral with a strong, stem green like the crunch from snapping daffodil stems. An absolute joy!

Where now? What scent for the day?

I have a burgeoning interest in middle-eastern perfumes: attars and mukhallats. I have a fledgling collection going and one which arrived just yesterday is an Egyptian Majmua.

Majmua is a blend (mukhallat?) or kadam flower,  described as "reminiscent of both neroli and champaca"; kewda flower, "a smooth, refreshing balsamic scent; floral but not too sweet, with hints of hyacinth and honey"; mitti, (literally) an essence of baked earth in sandalwood oil; ruh khus, "green and sweet, with a woodsy, smoky aroma and a hint of mint". That green, sweet and fresh (not) mintiness along with the florals follows on from Pinaud Lilac Vegetal and the Ever Ready soap just perfectly, still present for some time while the wood and smoke builds.


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