SOTD 12/10/2015

Medic! We have a casualty!!!

Bulldog Face Wash
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap
Ever Ready 100T w/Muhle Silvertip Fibre
Keen Kutter K40 (Black) & Personna (1)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse, Alum Wash & Smash!!!
Blue Stratos Aftershave & EDT

Damn it! Moving my dish of alum onto the side my ceramic dishes Mitchell's went straight onto the floor. Lid smashed and the base cracked. I rescued the well hydrated puck into a vintage bakelite Dubarry Shaving Soap dish. I'll put a new ceramic dish on the wish list.

Feeling glum, I found an uplifting attar to raise my spirits.

Ajmal Arabian Musk - a mukhallat with floral notes of geranium, jasmine and ylang ylang, spiced with clove and nutmeg on a base of patchouli, cedar and musk.

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