SOTD 19/10/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Shaving Cream
Plisson Synthetic Shaving Brush
Zinn Gem & Personna (5)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pashana Original Aftershave & Hair Tonic
Al Rehab Rayan Black EDP

Bowl Lathered
Two Pass - WTG & WTG (Slide)

Several new things to try ...

Huge laugh when I opened the Vicco and was met with a smiling fellow who looked just like my brother-in-law, but Indian. Subtle smell to the soap, fully released when lathering and much sharper than I had expected, almost citrus in effect. My exposure to turmeric is with the dried spice, never the root, but upon reading up I find that turmeric is related to ginger and that clicked - it's sharp, whirls up the nostrils. Fresh root scented with a curious cooling, although nothing minty or mentholated was listed in the ingredients.

Whisked up with a new brush - a Plisson synthetic, which is just right for this task as it's a floppy fellow but does hold a lot more water than other synthetics. Quite literally a perfect partner for creams. I built up a good lather and tried something I've read about whereby the lather is applied to the face and left to sit there for a couple of minutes, or more, refreshed and then the shave is commenced. It might be ritual, but the whole experience certainly put a smile on my face.

Fun to see out the blade in my Zinn Gem, a razor which took a completely different blade to the rest of the Gem line back in its day but being so well built, the spring is still ... well, springy, and so it can hold an injector blade in place almost as if it was made for it! One pass with the grain and a second pass with a slide.

Splash of Pash, face and hair. Being an evening shaver, I've been wearing the EDP through the day - billed as a Woody Spicy blend of Berries, Tea, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla & Woods, it begins with quite an Old Spice opening but settles out into something I've been unable to quite pinpoint for the remainder of the day, but I have it now: it's Werther's! You know, buttery, caramel sweets. Quite cloying really and not nice at all after the really triumphant opening.

It might just be my imagination, but I have a tingling on my tongue which reminds me of the shaving cream - invigorating!

In all, huge fun!

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